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Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. - Confucius

I’ve always chosen work that I love.  From singing to theater acting, creative coaching and photography, it never ever feels like work when it’s something one enjoys. 

I enjoy everything about Kat•Shots Photography.  From talking about ideas and concepts, the actual shoot and finally the editing and laying-out of the finished photos in varied formats...it’s all part of the fun for me!

Here's a really yummy secret:  The real and absolute bonus for me is the pure emotional connection I’m privileged to witness and feel when my clients receive their photographs!  Be they in the photobooks or DVD movies or enlargements for their living room walls, it’s that look in their eyes and the happy-tears that makes my job oh-so worthwhile.

My brand of photography is about creating lasting memories of the quality time spent with the people who matter the most; of capturing that fleeting, precious feeling and making it last a lifetime.  As a friend said, “Family is the true solid foundation for everything.  Nothing else can compare...” and I am here to help you make this truth show - beautifully and joyfully.

Now it’s time to let my photographs speak for themselves...right here:   www.katshots.com